Corporate EffectivenessSpark Global Business is a UK-based management consultancy with an international customer base. Our extensive experience and consultation with governments, academia, financiers and private enterprise has helped to inform the development of the Spark Ecosystem™ – a blended solution based around successful enterprise.

We design & build entrepreneur ecosystems on a local, national and international scale – this includes consulting with key stakeholders to map out the environment and to bring together the 4 cornerstones of public sector, private sector, academia and community – from the classroom to the boardroom.

We are the first organization in the world to map out the environment that enables corporate entrepreneurs to progress from ‘idea formation’ to successful launch – implementation of the ecosystem can either be ‘big bang’ or by going viral through the Spark Lean Intrapreneurship Model.

We have a massive commitment to learning & development and this is reflected not only in L&D being part of our service portfolio but also in our launch of a not-for-profit training organization for public sector clients. See here for more details.

You can find us on Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.